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Word: Eclipse

Meanings of Eclipse in malayalam :

Iruttu (ഇരുട്ട്‌) Mangal‍ (മങ്ങല്‍) Pradhaanyamo praamukhyamo pettennu illaathaakal‍ (പ്രധാന്യമോ പ്രാമുഖ്യമോ പെട്ടെന്ന് ഇല്ലാതാകല്‍) Noun Grahanam (ഗ്രഹണം) Prakaashanashtam (പ്രകാശനഷ്‌ടം) Prakaashanashtam (പ്രകാശനഷ്ടം) Iruttu (ഇരുട്ട്) Verb Grasikkuka (ഗ്രസിക്കുക) Sheaabha kuraykkuka (ശോഭ കുറയ്‌ക്കുക) Aachchhaadikkuka (ആച്ഛാദിക്കുക) Iruttaakkuka (ഇരുട്ടാക്കുക)
Eclipse definition
(astronomy) one celestial body obscures another
cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention
Ex: The Sun eclipses the moon today
exceed in importance; outweigh
Ex: This problem overshadows our lives right now
cause an eclipse of; of celestial bodies
Ex: The moon eclipsed the sun
Related definition of Eclipse

grahanam grahaṇam s . (fr . Prec . ) 1 . Seizing . 2 . Learning . 3 . An eclipse gra . Pararuka to be eclipsed . Gra . Mariyuka v1 . To turu completely round .

paathaalagrahanam s . An eclipse below the horizon (considered as a 3rd kind with soo ryasomagra —) .

vn . Pitipaatu , pitivaatu 1 . Seizing , eclipse (astr . ) 2 . (4) acquaintance , information per‍ pi'tilla vu . 3 . An instruction , document , as on appointing a person , lease . Piti paattu ninavu a document given to contractors etc . 4 . Regard for god in swearing v1 .

Related wordsEclipse - Grahanam (ഗ്രഹണം)
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