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Word: Over again

Meanings of Over again in malayalam :

Aadyam theaattu (ആദ്യം തൊട്ട്‌) Noun Randaampravaashyam (രണ്ടാംപ്രവാശ്യം)
Over again definition
Ex: she tried again
Related definition of Over again

pinpani the rest of the work , work done over again .

randaam second . Ra . Tharam 2nd sort . Ra . Pani doing over again (prov . ) ra . Choru 2nd course of rice . Ra . Muhoor‍ttham a matrimonial ceremony of brahmans .

Related wordsOver again - Randaampravaashyam (രണ്ടാംപ്രവാശ്യം) Over against - Vipareethasthithiyil‍ (വിപരീതസ്ഥിതിയില്‍)
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