character meaning in marathi

Word: character
Meaning of character in english - individuality, integrity, odd person, written symbol, portrayal of another

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
valan ( वळण )
ans ( अंस )
svabhaav ( स्वभाव )
Synonyms of character
style humor nature type kind cast aspect sense tone quality spirit personality streak set bent habit attribute frame morale shape standing constitution record genius complex complexion repute ethos badge sort caliber trait makeup specialty disposition temperament singularity mettle vein mood appearance mystique turn reputation grain estimation frame of mind emotions crasis intelligence courage name status station uprightness rank fame place report honor rectitude figure case customer oddball freak oddity eccentric nut queer personage clown weirdo spook crank original card duck zombie wack monogram emblem number mark cipher letter logo device numeral sign hieroglyph rune role impersonation part
Antonyms of character
ill repute unemployment regularity normality
Identical words :
As noun :
characteristic - gun ( गुण )
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