conscious meaning in marathi

Word: conscious
Meaning of conscious in english - alert, awake, intentional

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saabhuut ( साभूत )
saavadh ( सावध )
Synonyms of conscious
sensible watchful sure mindful certain informed aware keen cognizant responsive vigilant attentive acquainted aesthetic assured au courant conversant discerning knowing known noticing noting observing perceiving seeing sentient understanding with it able to recognize alive to apperceptive apprised felt hep to in on in right mind on to percipient recognizing remarking sensitive to supraliminal wise to witting premeditated deliberate calculated responsible rational reflective self-conscious affected mannered reasoning studied
Antonyms of conscious
indiscreet inattentive negligent uncertain unsure heedless unaware ignorant uninformed impassive indifferent senseless unresponsive unfeeling unintentional doubtful dubious unconfident careless unknowledgeable insensitive unconscious unmindful unstudied
Identical words :
As noun :
consciousness - sãvitti ( संवित्ति )
consciousness of the body - anangapan ( अनंगपण )
consciousness of having knowledge - jaanavalepan ( जाणवलेपण )
consciousness of so ham or identity with brahman - sohanma ( सोहंमा )
consciousness of the self - svasanvitsanvitti ( स्वसंवित्-संवित्ति )
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