curve meaning in marathi

Word: curve
Meaning of curve in english - arched, rounded line or object, bending in a shape or course

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
valen ( वळें )
apuurv ( अपूर्व )
valan ( वळण )
हातातील कडे
Synonyms of curve
trajectory contour loop swerve sweep hairpin crook whorl ambit concavity circle quirk curvature festoon bight compass circumference bow turn circuit vault chord horseshoe ellipse hyperbola ogee helix flexure curlicue parabola meniscus camber half-moon catenary incurvature incurvation sinuosity rondure veer bulge buckle spiral crumple twist coil skew stoop gyrate snake divert hook deviate wind concave convex wreathe inflect
Antonyms of curve
line straighten
Identical words :
As adjective :
curved - vyankat ( व्यंकट )
curved point - aankuda ( आकुंडा )
curved knife - ili ( इळी )
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