directly meaning in marathi

Word: directly
Meaning of directly in english - the shortest route, as soon as possible, straightforwardly

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
saakshaatakaaren ( साक्षातकारें )
Synonyms of directly
precisely direct beeline dead due exactly plump right slap smack as a crow flies slam bang smack dab straightly undeviatingly unswervingly without deviation shortly instantaneously promptly immediately quickly instantly forthwith straightaway anon first off presently pronto right away speedily straight off at once contiguously in a second instanter candidly openly honestly personally face-to-face literally plainly truthfully verbatim word for word in person point-black unequivocally
Antonyms of directly
indirectly later
Identical words :
directly visible - saakshaant ( साक्षांत )
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