here and there meaning in marathi

Word: here and there
Meaning of here and there in english - about, everywhere, intermittent, rambling, sometimes, somewhere, to and fro, on-again, off-again

Meanings in marathi :

As adverb :
itastata ( इतस्तता )
Synonyms of here and there
around any which way anyhow omnipresent ubiquitous far and wide overall throughout universally high and low all around all over all over creation all over the map here till Sunday in all quarters in each place in every direction in every place inside and out near and far pole to pole the world over ubiquitously wherever fitful infrequent recurrent occasional periodic alternate arrested broken cyclical discontinuous hit-or-miss interrupted now and then on and off periodical rhythmic serial spasmodic isochronal isochronous iterative metrical rhythmical seasonal recurring by bits and pieces checked discontinuing epochal every other iterant punctuated shifting stop-and-go covering spreading scattered trailing gangling irregular random unplanned strewn straggling at length frequently occasionally consistently constantly at times ever and again from time to time off and on once in a while periodically intermittently at intervals every so often now and again on occasion once in a blue moon recurrently elsewhere someplace somewheres any old place around somewhere in one place or another kicking around parts unknown someplace or another someplace or other backwards and forwards seesaw zigzag backward and forward forward and back from side to side in and out up and down
Antonyms of here and there
nowhere frequent usual permanent continual continuing perpetual constant regular connected direct straightforward
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