joint meaning in marathi

Word: joint
Meaning of joint in english - shared, combined, intersection, juncture, cheap hangout

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
jod ( जोड )
saanda ( सांदा )
Synonyms of joint
collective concerted cooperative public united joined common communal hand in hand mutual conjoint consolidated conjunct intermutual elbow seam bridge splice point nexus impingement bend union concourse interconnection tie meeting node swivel junction articulation crux link knot confluence coupling hinge bracket suture abutment bond vinculum hyphen conjuncture tangency copula tavern club bar dive juke joint roadhouse honky-tonk
Antonyms of joint
divided uncoordinated separated disjoint single uncombined unshared whole divorce separation line division
Identical words :
joint but pānse strength - khaivang ( खैवंग )
joint of three bones - tithad ( तीथड )
joint of two branches of a tree - shaakhaasandi ( शाखासंदी )
joint in the body - sandikalaas ( संदिकळास )
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