lust meaning in marathi

Word: lust
Meaning of lust in english - appetite, passion, desire strongly

Meanings in marathi :

vishayechal ( विषयेचळ )
उपभोग्य वस्तूंचा छंद
Synonyms of lust
longing sensuality hunger libido thirst excitement fervor craving greed eroticism yen carnality avidity appetence prurience lewdness pruriency weakness covetousness urge itch lasciviousness licentiousness cupidity lechery animalism sensualism concupiscence wantonness salaciousness salacity aphrodisia appetition crave yearn hanker wish pine need ache be consumed with desire be hot for
Antonyms of lust
dislike distaste hate hatred apathy chastity disgust disenchantment abjure despise have not want be chaste
Identical words :
As noun :
luster - tavakepan ( टवकेपण )
As adjective :
lustful - kaamiya ( कामिया )
lustrous - supaani ( सुपाणी )
lustreless - chulachuli ( चुळचुळी )
lustre - havaav ( हवाव )
lustrous gem in the nose - jhalaalakani ( झळाळकणी )
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