miserliness meaning in marathi

Word: miserliness
Meaning of miserliness in english - avarice, economy, frugality, meanness, parsimony, thriftiness

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
nidaarapan ( निदारपण )
Synonyms of miserliness
rapacity penuriousness avidity cupidity covetousness niggardliness stinginess greediness close-fistedness grabbiness penny- pinching recession layoff decrease reduction cutback providence regulation discretion direction abridgement restraint prudence carefulness curtailment austerity husbandry supervision deduction moratorium shrinkage caution rollback retrenchment parcity scrimping skimping sparingness moderation avariciousness conservation saving parsimoniousness forehandedness good management malice closeness disrepute wickedness corruptness infamy degradation malignity debasement baseness iniquity pettiness degeneracy unworthiness sordidness unkindness beastliness shamelessness lowness unscrupulousness abjection churlishness contemptibleness ill-temper knavishness smallmindedness
Antonyms of miserliness
generosity philanthropy enlargement expansion increase raise carelessness indiscretion thoughtlessness extravagance disregard imprudence negligence addition spending neglect squandering wastefulness lavishness benevolence goodness morality virtue nobility honor
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