misery meaning in marathi

Word: misery
Meaning of misery in english - pain, mental or physical, trouble, disaster

Meanings in marathi :

sochyata ( सोच्यता )
Synonyms of misery
heartache gloom hardship torture agony sorrow discomfort grief squalor suffering despair torment woe passion anguish sadness worry headache melancholy distress desolation despondency twinge throe stitch pang dolor blues wretchedness depression unhappiness bad news hurting worriment anvil chorus misfortune anxiety catastrophe privation ordeal difficulty calamity poverty burden problem adversity load curse destitution indigence trial tribulation want affliction need penury bitter pill
Antonyms of misery
happiness joy contentment relief health joyfulness calmness delight fun gladness advantage boon good luck cheer ease comfort hopefulness joyousness pleasure benefit blessing good fortune tranquility favor aid wealth plenty peace
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