servant meaning in marathi

Word: servant

Meanings in marathi :

hota ( होता )
अधीन असणारा
हवन करणारा
Identical words :
servant who tells the time - avasari ( अवसरी )
servant entrusted with a specific task - ulingiya ( उलिंगीया )
servant who gives water - karheri ( कऱ्हेरी )
servant who leads the way - kholata ( खोलता )
servant who waves a fly whisk - chavaradhar ( चवरधर )
servant who serves pān - taamboladhar ( तांबोळधर )
servant who removes the dirty plates after a meal - taatakaadha ( ताटकाढा )
servant of god a title of king haripāḷadeva śilāhāra - devabhrity ( देवभ्रित्य )
servant in a gamblers den - paauugi ( पाउगी )
servant belonging to the māṅga caste - baahiril paaik ( बाहिरिल पाइक )
servant who offers food to a deity - bonevaatikaar ( बोनेवाटिकार )
servant who carries the masters shoes - vahanadhar ( वहनधर )
servant who takes care of the masters footwear - vaahaanadhar ( वाहाणधर )
servant who waves a fan - vijanekaar ( वीजणेकार )
servant who runs in front of a horse holding its reins - saasolaasaansola ( सासोला-सांसोला )
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