Niggardly meaning in hindi | Niggardly ka matlab 

Niggardly meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Niggardly 
Usage of Niggardly: 1: He shows niggardly attitude towards the destitudes.

Niggardly synonyms
tight narrow skinflint mean chintzy closefisted illiberal miserly parsimonious penurious ungenerous mingy tight-fisted efficient cost-effective prudent practical avaricious canny chary circumspect meager methodical provident saving spare sparing stingy thrifty watchful curmudgeonly money-saving on the rims penny-wise prudential scrimping skimping time-saving unwasteful work-saving meticulous careful spartan abstemious discreet tightwad wary conserving preserving acquisitive avid covetous desirous extortionate itchy rapacious selfish tightfisted venal close-fisted grabby extorting prehensile usurious hungry impatient carnivorous craving devouring gluttonous insatiable intemperate omnivorous ravenous voracious edacious hoggish esurient gobbling gormandizing grudging gulping guzzling insatiate pennypinching ravening swinish unequal lacking deficient weak sketchy scarce faulty incompetent incomplete bare barren bush-league depleted dry failing feeble glitch imperfect impotent inapt incapable incommensurate insubstantial junk lame lemon lousy low minus scanty shy small sparse sterile stunted thin unproductive unqualified inappreciable inconsiderable found wanting not enough stinted too little unsatisfactory shoddy substandard modest insufficient miserable mediocre ordinary inferior slight plain diminutive base common crude trifling below par contemptible exiguous humble insignificant lowly paltry pitiful reduced rotten second-rate shabby sorry trivial valueless worthless low-grade pitiable subnormal dwarfed subpar limited slim slender short-handed needing low on scrimpy unsufficient cheap churlish costive ignoble near ironfisted niggard petty sordid uncharitable pennywise pinchpenny scurvy ungiving
Niggardly antonyms
far faraway inaccurate unfriendly unreserved generous beyond detached loose open imprecise cool dry giving uncramped inefficient expensive wasteful careless uncareful uneconomical unreasonable incautious lavish spendthrift spendthrifty unselfish abstemious benevolent extravagant philanthropic charitable liberal adequate sufficient potent abundant enough capable competent strong perfect full complete finished brave extraordinary excellent large abnormal wealthy fertile fortunate lucky bold superior big important significant tall uncommon formal noble refined sophisticated nice affluent rich great happy unabridged courteous kind polite lengthy long high thick ample fat wide wasting 
Usage of Niggardly in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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