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Notion meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Notion 
As noun : अंच्छाया अंछया अनभिसंधान अन्यथाभाव अन्ववेक्षा अपेखा अभिकांक्षा अभिध्या अभिध्यान अभ्याकांक्षित अववोधक अवीक्षण आझा आमंजु इंच्छया इंछा इंदिया इंदिया इक्ष इच्छा इश्तियाक इष्टु ईच्छा ईछी उड़ियाँना उत्क उपजोष उशाना एषण एष्टि औत्कंठय औत्क्य खतिर ख्वास्त गविष्ठि गुमान गृध्या चिकीर्षित चित्तविकार जजबात जहन तर्कणा थंभनी धारणा ध्या ध्यात्व निकामन निरूपादान प्रास्तुत्य प्रेप्सा प्रेप्सा फलाकांक्षा बंछा बाँछनापु बांछना बांछा बीचार भावगति भावगति भावलिंग मति मनोगवी मुराकबा मुराद रजी रुक् रूढ़ि वचार वशन विचार विजृंभित शंस संकल्पज संकल्पन संप्रधान समोहा स्वमनीषा हिंछा ‡ हिच्छ हितकाम हीँछा ‡ हृदयोद्गार
Usage of Notion: 1: the notion of an office running without paper is absurd 2: He entertained the notion of moving to South America 3: The theatrical notion of disguise is always associated with catastrophe in his
4: The cook had half a notion to serve cold chicken . 5: Jinnah rejected the notion of a united India 6: The notion of Confucianism was then borrowed back by the Chinese 7: Discoveries of extrasolar planets may have overturned this notion 8: Part of this criticism involves the notion of cultural appropriation. 9: Kehoe is also highly critical of the notion that shamanism is an ancient 10: The notion of gentiles in Judaism reflect this state of affairs
Notion ki paribhasha : snmaan ki ek upaadhi man men kisi prakaar ki chinta karana vah jo kuchh man se socha jaay athava sochakar nishchit kiya jaay ek manovratti jo kisi aisi vastu ki praapti ki or dhyaan le jaati hai jisase kisi prakaar ke sukh ki snbhaavana hoti hai vah shakti jisamen koi baat man men dhaaran ki jaati hai

Notion synonyms
impression concept conception knowledge sentiment perception image understanding thought assumption suggestion opinion approach view intuition consciousness insight inkling twist imagination comprehension angle telltale hint flash cue awareness inclination slant clue penetration intimation consideration spark wrinkle judgment apprehension discernment conceit indication wind intellection wish impulse humor fancy caprice
Notion antonyms
reality unconsciousness ignorance being concrete stupidity misunderstanding need truth 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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