One or two meaning in hindi | One or two ka matlab 

One or two meaning in hindi

How to pronounce One or two 
Usage of One or two: 1: The internal military districts usually contained only one or two A divisions 2: Typical punk rock instrumentation includes one or two electric guitars 3: Instead of using isorhythmic techniques in one or two voices 4: Most smaller cities and towns also have one or two stations. 5: Australian or Arab, and one or two have recognizably Jewish last names. 6: An adult female who has had more than one or two calves is called a "cow". 7: Most students at second level choose one or two foreign languages to learn. 8: In a paper calendar one or two sheets can show a single day 9: On some cars, towbars may obscure one or two characters of the licence plate. 10: The decision to use one or two genera is rather arbitrary

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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