Option meaning in hindi | Option ka matlab 

Option meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Option 
Usage of Option: 1: what option did I have? 2: We have a 1.day option on the house. 3: every website like yahoo google got avatar option on their to site to upload a photo. 4: Reformatories are the better option for the young criminals. 5: At dinner my option is chapati. 6: A submarine also has the option of floating a long 7: NASA at first dismissed LOR as a riskier option 8: Because of that Igelström was left with little option 9: Some end-users have found this to be a troublesome option 10: Cycle rickshaws are an additional option often used by visitors.
Option ki paribhasha : ek manovratti jo kisi aisi vastu ki praapti ki or dhyaan le jaati hai jisase kisi prakaar ke sukh ki snbhaavana hoti hai maaang akhitayaar jaisa—yah puchhane ka adhikaar tumhen nahin hai shabd ek baat man men baithaakar phir usake viruddh soch vichaar

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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