Protest meaning in hindi | Protest ka matlab 

Protest meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Protest 
Usage of Protest: 1: Humdinger protest of people against president Hosni Mubarak made him to resign. 2: The protest campaign soon petered out of lack of funds. 3: People also traveled to the capital to join the protest in the Square. 4: Leaders of the protest inside the square 5: Smaller protest actions continued in other cities for a few days. 6: This touched off a firestorm of protest 7: Yerevan was the center of a 24-hour mass anti-Soviet protest 8: It rallied them for a mass protest action 9: Many of the songs on this album were labelled protest songs 10: Robert Lowell and Paul Goodman were marching to protest the Vietnam War
Protest ki paribhasha : vah baat jo kisi doosari baat athava siddhaatn ka virodh karane ke liye kahi jaay kisi doosari vastu ke saath atynt bhinnata

Usage of Protest in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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