Put out meaning in hindi | Put out ka matlab 

Put out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Put out 
Usage of Put out: 1: He put out the same for seven managers 2: The police put out a warrant on Max . 3: Liz was quite put out about the question . 4: Please put out the cat after dinner . 5: He put out the fire with f lour . 6: We put out some very fine products . 7: Epitaph put out Let's Go by Rancid 8: But there is no compulsion to follow the rules put out by these organisations. 9: After the fielding team has put out three players from the opposing team 10: NASA even put out a press release describing it as such.
Put out ki paribhasha : kisi ko boojhane men pravratt karana kisi vastu par ya kisi vastu ke andar doosari vastu sthit karana doosare ke haath se apane haath men karana kisi vastu ka aaghaata, dabaav ya jhatake ke dvaara do ya kai bhaagon men ekabaaragi vibhakt hona

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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