Queue meaning in hindi | Queue ka matlab 

Queue meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Queue 
Usage of Queue: 1: Children stand in a queue to attend the prayer. 2: The processor can continue until the queue is full. 3: Times to queue up vary according to the weather 4: Clover ' Water, Water Plant, which resembles clover, in that its leaves are three on the same queue 5: Go to the queue of each other 6: In terms of the navy, he told of an evolution in which the buildings were in the lead are in queue 7: It is also sometimes said to a row, a queue of several things placed next to each other 8: It took two hours to queue in the rain 9: TAIL is also said to Various things that resemble in some way to a queue 10: The rank is flank flank, and the queue head to tail
Queue ki paribhasha : baalon ki vah lat jo sir ke bichobich rakhi jaati hai sir ke madhy men ke thode se aur kuchh bade baal jo praayaः hindou nahin mudane ya kaatate gharon ki vah pnkti jinamen sipaahi rahate hain aisa samooh jisamen bahut si visheshataः ek hi ya ek hi prakaar ki vastuean ek doosare ke uparaant ek sidh men hon yooth

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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