Recess meaning in hindi | Recess ka matlab 

Recess meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Recess 
Usage of Recess: 1: My lawyer moved for a recess of the trial . 2: The recess appointment remains valid only temporarily 3: When the Senate is in recess 4: He or she may recall the House from recess during a national emergency 5: When the Senate is in recess 6: Each bee has a small recess 7: forked Menton, Menton which is marked in the middle, a slight groove or recess 8: He spent all recess to work 9: In terms of Botany, medullary channel, the recess which is at the center of the rod of some woody plants and which contains the marrow 10: It gave him a vigorous recess
Recess ki paribhasha : do pahaadon ke bich ki tng jagah pooraanaanusaar ek tirth ka naam jo snkhya men sam na ho vah gahara aandhera gaddha jo jamin ya pahaad ke niche vahut door tak chala gaya ho mote sooton ka buna hua mote dal ka bichhauna lakadi aadi ka bad poola ya gatta hara adhik samay tak koi kaam ya parishram karane ke kaaran thak jaane par rukana ya thaharana

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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