Reverence meaning in hindi | Reverence ka matlab 

Reverence meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Reverence 
Usage of Reverence: 1: A holy reverence 2: Deep Respect, reverence 3: Deep reverence 4: Great, humble, profound reverence 5: I clearly told him how I think and I drew him my reverence 6: I clearly told him my thinking and I drew him my reverence 7: I have great reverence for her virtue 8: I trod with reverence this ancient and sacred soil 9: It also means Rent, glorify, thank with feelings of reverence and gratitude 10: It can not have too much reverence for holy things
Reverence ki paribhasha : jisaka maan poora ho ek prakaar ki manovratti, jisamen kisi bade ya poojy vyakti ke prati bhaktipoorvak vishvaas ke saath uchch aur poojy bhaav utpann hota hai

Usage of Reverence in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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