Rod meaning in hindi | Rod ka matlab 

Rod meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rod 
Usage of Rod: 1: There is a old saying `spare the rod spoil the child. 2: I gripped the overhead rod in the bus. 3: Fishing line is attached to the fishing rod while catching fish. 4: The rod fell from the ceiling and wham! hit my head. 5: I'll take the expensive fishing rod . 6: Then, the operating rod engaged a rotating bolt inside the receiver. 7: The operating rod then returned to its original position. 8: The coordinate differences can be changed without affecting the rod 9: As long as Moses held the rod up 10: In this system, the length of this rod is written as .
Rod ki paribhasha : lakadi ya baaans ka sidha lnba tukad saraknde ki chhad jo sunahale ya rupahale taar banaane men kaam aati hai vah lnbi aur gol badi lakadi jisaka vyavahaar chalane men sahaare ke liye athava maarapit aadi ke liye hota hai lohe ya lakadi aadi ki lnbi salaayi dhaatu ya lakadi aadi ka lnba patala bad tukad hinduon men manushy samaaj ka vah vibhaag jo pahale pahal karmaanusaar kiya gaya thaa, par pichhe se svabhaavata: janmaanusaar ho gaya lahange, paajaame aadi men gokharoo, chutaki aadi ki sidhi tankaayi

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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