Run by meaning in hindi | Run by ka matlab 

Run by meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Run by 
Usage of Run by: 1: A modern kitchen should be well equipped with appliances .
Mostly all appliances are run by electricity .
2: It was run by British administrators, engineers and craftsmen. 3: Sydney trains are run by CityRail 4: Gyan Vani, run by IGNOU broadcast from Panaji at 107.8 MHz. 5: Each taluka is made up of villages, each having a school run by the government. 6: Hemingway worked in a Milan hospital run by the American Red Cross. 7: Bath has a network of bus routes run by First Group 8: Italian Cyrenaica and Italian Tripolitania run by Italian governors. 9: Roseau, which is run by the governmental Dominica Festivals Commission. 10: The Gumm Sisters enrolled in the dance school run by Ethel Meglin
Run by ki paribhasha : shabdon dvaara abhipraay prakat karana

Usage of Run by in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi. 
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