Shackles meaning in hindi | Shackles ka matlab 

Shackles meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Shackles 
Usage of Shackles: 1: The prisoner was chained with shackles to prevent from escaping. 2: Further, Sheppard was put in shackles and chained to the floor. 3: portable shackles of species which are used in Asia and especially in China it usually consists of two parts Wood very heavy and notched in the middle, which meets after having introduced the neck and wrists of the condemned 4: They put shackles on the feet and hands it
Shackles ki paribhasha : kisi par avalnbit ya nirbhar samaasaant me dori se bandha hua lohe ka chhota kad jo kaidi ke haath men pahana diya jaata hai jisase vah bhaag na sake

Usage of Shackles in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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