Shipwreck meaning in hindi | Shipwreck ka matlab 

Shipwreck meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Shipwreck 
Usage of Shipwreck: 1: The famous Titanic faced a shipwreck in its very first voyage. 2: Another noted shipwreck was that of the Surat on New Year's Day 1874. This ship 3: Big damage, Those who place by storm, shipwreck or jettison, capture or surrender ship 4: Collect flotsam of a shipwreck 5: In terms of the navy, coast Making, Making shipwreck on the edge of land 6: Remains of a shipwreck 7: The debris of a shipwreck 8: The sea throws debris shipwreck 9: There were a few in this shipwreck survivors 10: This ship was lost with all hands in a shipwreck

Usage of Shipwreck in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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