Slope meaning in hindi | Slope ka matlab 

Slope meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Slope 
Usage of Slope: 1: The hikers slipped up the wet slope . 2: The hikers toiled up the slope slowly . 3: He occupied the south slope of Rakata from 1915 to 1917 4: The slope of the world line gives the relative velocity to the observer. 5: A downward slope exists towards Sydney Bay and Emily Bay 6: Occasionally, supply curves do slope upwards. 7: At this point the solubility curve changes slope 8: The slope is commonly taught as "rise over run" or rise/run. 9: 300,000 cubic metres of snow slid on a 30 degree slope 10: Arts Building or slope to
Slope ki paribhasha : kisi khadi chij ke oopari bhaag ko tedha karake niche ki aur laana vah sthaan jo aage ki or kramashaः is prakaar baraabar nicha hota gaya ho ki usapar padi hui vastu niche ki or khisak ya ludhak ya vah sake kramashaः niche ki or pravrati kisi or latakane, pravratt hone ya jhukane ki kriya jisaka tal sam ho, oobad khaabad na ho kisi khadi chij ke oopar ke bhaag ka niche ki or tedha hokar latak aana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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