Smoke meaning in hindi | Smoke ka matlab 

Smoke meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Smoke 
Usage of Smoke: 1: It is inconsiderate of people to smoke in public. 2: In 1945 Italy received only smoke from the colonal diner. 3: The smoke is rising from the chimney.
She rose from the table to welcome me.
4: the smoke rose sluggishly 5: Do you need to smoke & pollute the milieu more than it already is. 6: A hole in a volcanic area from which hot smoke and gases escape. 7: The smoke blackened the ceiling 8: Anthractic is a very hard type of coal that burns without producing a lot of smoke or flames. 9: The smoke is injurious to health. 10: I smoke filter tipped ciggarettes.
Smoke ki paribhasha : tnbaakou bhari hui kaagaj ki batti jisaka dhuaaan log pite hain kisi taral vastu ko ghooant ghooant karake gale ke niche utaarana

Usage of Smoke in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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