Straight meaning in hindi | Straight ka matlab 

Straight meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Straight 
Usage of Straight: 1: is that the straight dope? 2: We drove straight through from Chicago to Marshall. 3: an angle is formed by the divergence of two straight lines 4: the right tackle is a straight A student 5: Let straight lines,AB and CD cross each other at O. 6: His walk is not straight 7: He can not move straight because he is a regular rolling drunk. 8: Lateral branches are often formed to ensure a straight growth of the plant. 9: There was red signal but the car drove straight through" 10: To draw a straight line use the rule.
Hot summers here are exception rather than the rule.
Straight ki paribhasha : jo kisi prakaar ka chhal ya kapat na jaanata ho pnjaab men khela jaanevaala lukan michi naamak khel chid ka ped jisase gndhaabiroja nikalata hai anaaj jo braahman ya purohit aadi ko bhojanaarth diya jaata hai

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The word can be used as noun, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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