Suspect meaning in hindi | Suspect ka matlab 

Suspect meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Suspect 
Usage of Suspect: 1: The police strong-armed the suspect 2: The suspect was questioned by the police 3: The suspect was charged with murdering his wife. 4: Just between you and me, I suspect Mrs . 5: The police chased down the suspect . 6: I suspect Amy is not very smart . 7: She hauled up the suspect before the judge . 8: Foreigners were immediately suspect due to the ongoing Second Anglo-Dutch War. 9: Much has been written about the suspect nature of Parker's business practices. 10: The discoverers suspect
Suspect ki paribhasha : kisi prakaar ka nirnay karake parinaam nikaalane ya bhavitavy ko jaanane ke liye buddhi ka upayog karana do padaarthon ka tal aapas men milana kisi prakaar ki kshati uthaanevaala kisi baat ko achchhi tarah jaan lena

Usage of Suspect in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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