Sustenance meaning in hindi | Sustenance ka matlab 

Sustenance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sustenance 
Usage of Sustenance: 1: they were in want of sustenance 2: But in terms of it having provided support or sustenance or strength 3: The bodies of dead birds provide sustenance for carnivorous insects 4: Alimony, She who gives a person to procure food for sustenance 5: BREAD also means, in general, the food, the sustenance 6: He ensured its sustenance 7: He still said it looking food and sustenance 8: This is all that allows him to take for his sustenance
Sustenance ki paribhasha : kisi kram ya parnpara ka chala chalana ek chhoti aur asprashy jaati jo snjukt praant aur bihaar men paayi jaati hai mngalaa, vijaya aadi aath prakaar ki chaarapaaiyon men se ek vah vastu ya vyaapaar jisase jivan ka nirvaah ho

Usage of Sustenance in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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