The few meaning in hindi | The few ka matlab 

The few meaning in hindi

How to pronounce The few 
Usage of The few: 1: Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, one of the few centers for Caribbean jazz. 2: It is one of the few cartridges that are accepted by a large variety of rifles 3: Within the few weeks that followed 4: Not only were they paid better than at the few other available jobs 5: Chennai is one of the few cities in the world that accommodates a national park 6: Out of the few musical compositions submitted 7: It is also one the few programs dubbed in both French and Quebec French. 8: Early Times, Maker's Mark, and George Dickel being among the few exceptions. 9: Golf is one of the few ball games that does not use a standardised playing area 10: One of the few well-known figures from this period was Antoine Ó Raifteiri

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