Tracking meaning in hindi | Tracking ka matlab 

Tracking meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tracking 
Usage of Tracking: 1: The mountain on which we went for tracking was very steep. 2: Switched mode power supplies can be used to create the tracking rails. 3: LRU tracking for non-skewed caches is usually done on a per-set basis. 4: This tracking of a connection's status is called supervision. 5: From 1950 to 1981 the United States had a missile tracking site on Grand Turk. 6: NASA established a tracking station on the island in 1967 7: be on the benches, put themselves on the benches, or Follow begin tracking During a school; being or enter college 8: It employs tracking Whether to mark the report, the similarity of two things one compare all 9: It is used as a tracking adverbial as reproaches, d insults, curses, and means Overwhelm 10: The course of this teacher is very tracking

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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