abominable meaning in tamil

Word: abominable - The english word have 10 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adjectivein english.
Meaning of abominable in english - awful, detestable

Meanings in tamil :

As noun :
nrupiruttl ( நருபிருத்தல் )

Synonyms of abominable

abhorrent wretched terrible atrocious horrid vile reprehensible disgusting odious heinous repugnant despicable repulsive horrible revolting contemptible bad base beastly cursed foul grim gross hairy hateful hellish loathsome lousy nauseating obnoxious offensive repellent rotten sleazy stinking

Antonyms of abominable

wonderful kind attractive desirous pleasant pleasing delightful honorable worthy alluring appealing enjoyable lovable good nice great respectable likeable desirable sweet
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