brief meaning in tamil

Word: brief - The english word have 5 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adjective, verbin english.
Meaning of brief in english - short, compressed, short in time, inform of facts

Meanings in tamil :

kuṟukkuchchuttiram ( குறுக்குச்சூத்திரம் )

Identical words :

briefness - kuṟukku ( குறுக்கு )

Synonyms of brief

pithy concise terse abrupt succinct blunt limited little crisp bluff small sharp brusque compendious curt hasty laconic short and sweet skimpy snippy surly boiled down breviloquent compendiary to the point temporary short-lived quick fleeting swift momentary ephemeral fast transient passing instantaneous meteoric transitory short-term curtailed prepare explain apprise update instruct advise prime edify abridge recapitulate initiate epitomize summarize orient enlighten fill in give rundown give the lowdown let in on show the lay of the land show the ropes

Antonyms of brief

long-winded wordy indefinite enormous huge immense large benevolent kind enduring lasting long-lived expansive lengthy big important permanent sluggish slow hide neglect
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