disposition meaning in tamil

Word: disposition - The english word have 11 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of nounin english.
Meaning of disposition in english - personal temperament, arrangement, management of a situation

Meanings in tamil :

piṟantapiṟappu ( பிறந்தபிறப்பு )

Identical words :

disposition to inves tigate profoundly - ullarayvu ( உள்ளாராய்வு )
disposition to dispute - ottarm ( ஒட்டாரம் )
dispositions or propensities - kunankatta ( குணங்காட்ட )
disposition or state of body - charirakunam ( சரீரகுணம் )
disposition of the body with regard to the dif ferent effects of food - charirakunam ( சரீரகுணம் )

Synonyms of disposition

frame of mind tone mood predisposition habit propensity complexion inclination tendency personality individuality bent being bias tenor mind-set penchant humor constitution cast stamp flash character vein type proclivity nature spirit identity individualism readiness bag proneness thing leaning predilection groove cup of tea emotions make-up druthers disposal distribution control direction placement classification sequence decision method regulation plan organization adjustment order grouping

Antonyms of disposition

disinclination dislike hate hatred disarrangement mismanagement disorganization
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