esteem meaning in tamil

Word: esteem - The english word have 6 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of esteem in english - think highly of, consider, believe

Meanings in tamil :

potlippu ( போதலிப்பு )
upacharam ( உபசாரம் )

Identical words :

esteem highly - apimanikka ( அபிமானிக்க )
esteeming one as a near relation because of his resemblance to a deceased member of the family - opparikollutal ( ஒப்பாரிகொள்ளுதல் )
esteeming - penaravu ( பேணரவு )

Synonyms of esteem

venerate revere treasure love prize like regard appreciate apprise value worship admire reverence cherish respect idolize honor hold dear be fond of look up to regard highly think the world of account calculate reckon deem judge estimate

Antonyms of esteem

dislike disparage hate scorn despise ignore disregard dishonor condemn denounce insult ridicule deride disbelieve neglect disrespect abandon abuse mock
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