hoe meaning in tamil

Word: hoe - The english word have 3 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of hoe in english - dig, till

Meanings in tamil :

manvetti ( மண்வெட்டி )

Identical words :

hoe up - kintu ( கிண்டு )
hoe with a socket to receive the handle - kuzaichchumanvetti ( குழைச்சுமண்வெட்டி )
hoe with a neck - pittalmanvetti ( பித்தல்மண்வெட்டி )
hoe full - poli ( பொளி )

Synonyms of hoe

unearth search shovel drill dredge go into discover penetrate exhume bulldoze scoop sift burrow clean enter uncover bore gouge harvest excavate depress pierce grub quarry channel tunnel pit rout probe drive cat investigate produce undermine deepen sap root spade break up concave turn over dig down fork out root out scoop out plow prepare farm mulch work plant sow labor grow tend dress harrow plough

Antonyms of hoe

exit increase dislike misunderstand bury withdraw cover fill strengthen not get disorganize ignore laze harvest reap sow neglect idle
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