hurt meaning in tamil

Word: hurt - The english word have 4 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adjective, noun, verbin english.
Meaning of hurt in english - physically or mentally injured, injury, damage, cause physical pain, experience pain, cause mental pain

Meanings in tamil :

novu ( நோவு )
as நோ
as நோய்

Identical words :

hurt fulness - akitam ( அகிதம் )
hurtfulness of some kinds of water - tannirppakai ( தண்ணீர்ப்பகை )
hurting - teṟutal ( தெறுதல் )
hurtful weed - pllipputu ( பல்லிப்பூடு )

Synonyms of hurt

shot tender damaged cut aching burned hit harmed pained sore suffering mutilated impaired struck distressed miffed offended disturbed aggrieved wounded indignant put away rueful sad stricken unhappy resentful umbrageous agonized bleeding disfigured warped battered scraped grazed mauled scratched nicked contused scarred piqued lacerated tortured buffeted marred bruised crushed shook all torn up busted up in pain discomfort outrage ache down pang disaster blow misfortune ruin mark gash mischief wrong disservice persecution disadvantage loss soreness ill chop prejudice detriment ouch boo-boo ill-treatment black and blue sting punish trouble cramp puncture afflict slap torment total whip belt pummel bite maltreat wax whack kick prick throb punch disable stab spank spoil nip squeeze wring slug flail pierce blemish tear pinch wing pommel abuse smart lash flog cut up mess up rough up shake up be sore be tender do violence wrack up annoy sadden upset constrain displease zing martyr vex vitiate lambaste chafe discomfit faze excruciate try discommode put down put out martyrize cut to the quick give no quarter go for jugular hit where one lives lay a bad trip on lean on thumb nose at

Antonyms of hurt

healthy OK pleased perfect happy comforted cured healed remedied well happiness joy relief advantage miracle prosperity success win gain profit aid assist remedy cheer pleasure benefit blessing good fortune luck kindness help healing improve mend release sew compliment praise protect assuage soothe calm placate fix allow close make happy give relieve delight respect let go satisfy
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