illuminate meaning in tamil

Word: illuminate - The english word have 10 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of illuminate in english - make light, make clear, educate

Meanings in tamil :

olicheyya ( ஒளிசெய்ய )

Identical words :

As adjective :
illuminated - tikz ( திகழ் )

Synonyms of illuminate

flash highlight brighten spotlight ignite illumine irradiate fire lighten illume kindle limelight light up floodlight hit with a light elucidate dramatize clarify illustrate explain define expound perfect gloss edify express better instruct finish construe polish improve interpret enlighten clear up give insight shed light on

Antonyms of illuminate

darken obscure complicate involve extinguish put out dull cloud mystify ruin worsen confuse
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