interior meaning in tamil

Word: interior - The english word have 8 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of adjective, nounin english.
Meaning of interior in english - inside, central, center, core

Meanings in tamil :

As noun :
ullutaivu ( உள்ளுடைவு )
மன ங்கலங்குகை

Identical words :

interior crop - itaippokam ( இடைப்போகம் )
interior or secret place in the temple the sanctum sanctorum - irachiyattanam ( இராசியத்தானம் )
interior anger - utkopam ( உட்கோபம் )
interior of a wall - utchavar ( உட்சவர் )
interior of a town - ullur ( உள்ளூர் )
interior firmness - ulvayiram ( உள்வயிரம் )
interior part of a mansion appropriated to women - uvlkm ( உவளகம் )
interior or root of the ear - kannamulam ( கன்னமூலம் )
interior or most sacred spot in a temple - tanam ( தானம் )

Synonyms of interior

internal remote intimate domestic private secret gut home inland inner innermost inward visceral within autogenous endogenous in-house viscerous marrow heart substance lining innards soul bosom pith belly midst pulp contents heartland inner parts internals

Antonyms of interior

unconcealed exterior external outer public business open revealed outside
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