involve meaning in tamil

Word: involve - The english word have 7 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of verbin english.
Meaning of involve in english - draw in, include

Meanings in tamil :

utpatutta ( உட்படுத்த )
akappatutta ( அகப்படுத்த )

Identical words :

As adjective :
involved - chuzi ( சுழி )
involved in difficulty - chankatappatutal ( சங்கடப்படுதல் )
involved folds of the young lotus - churul ( சுருள் )
involve or jeopardize ones self - tanpizaikkapparkka ( தான்பிழைக்கப்பார்க்க )
involved in a multiplicity of projects or business - palachintaiyullavan ( பலசிந்தையுள்ளவன் )

Synonyms of involve

prove suggest engage commit associate embroil require contain cover catch link connect relate mean affect hold implicate comprise concern incorporate entail number denote incriminate hook imply embrace touch tangle complicate comprehend compromise mire grip absorb preoccupy necessitate entangle bind inculpate engross enmesh argue presuppose mix up take in rivet point to rope in snarl up

Antonyms of involve

release disconnect cease dissociate exclude reject untangle disentangle explain misunderstand ignore let go cancel stop divide separate abandon untwist free
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