litter meaning in tamil

Word: litter - The english word have 6 alphabets and vowels. The word holds the place of noun, verbin english.
Meaning of litter in english - mess, debris, animal offspring, make a mess

Meanings in tamil :

toli ( தோளி )
tola ( தோளா )
avuri ( அவுரி )

Identical words :

litter or dhooly - toli ( டோலி )
litter for a horse - patukkai ( படுக்கை )
litter or sleeping place of a beast - pannai ( பண்ணை )
litter of a beast - pazi ( பாழி )

Synonyms of litter

muck junk trash clutter rubbish collateral refuse disarray hash garbage rummage hodgepodge detritus shuffle mishmash muddle jungle disorder jumble confusion waste scattering scramble untidiness offal school brood family progeny young kittens cubs puppies piglets strew confuse dirty derange disarrange

Antonyms of litter

orderliness cleanliness sterility possessions sense arrangement organization method system parent organize tidy clear up
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