abandoned meaning in telugu

Word: abandoned
 Meaning of abandoned in english - left alone, deserted, free from moral restraint, uninhibited

Meanings in telugu :

hinamu ( హీనము )

Synonyms of abandoned

discarded forgotten neglected forsaken rejected dropped dissipated jilted empty godforsaken outcast unoccupied vacant shunned dumped relinquished vacated sidelined eliminated cast aside cast away eighty-sixed given up left in the cold left in the lurch on the rocks passed up pigeon-holed side-tracked corrupt depraved wanton dissolute immoral incontinent incorrigible licentious profligate shameless sinful uncontrolled unprincipled unrestrained wicked

Antonyms of abandoned

defended chaste moral restrained virtuous adopted cherished maintained supported innocent pure honorable kind decent uncorrupt upright clean

Related English Telugu Meaning

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