abolish meaning in telugu

Word: abolish
 Meaning of abolish in english - do away with or put an end to

Meanings in telugu :

pariharianchu ( పరిహరించు )

Synonyms of abolish

prohibit overturn revoke wipe out suppress terminate nullify stamp out annul overthrow cancel abrogate rescind repeal dissolve eradicate invalidate repudiate vacate erase kill extirpate negate zap subvert quash vitiate destroy finish scrub void undo nix abate annihilate inhibit supersede expunge obliterate squelch extinguish call off set aside disestablish put kibosh on

Antonyms of abolish

permit create validate institute sanction commence aid assist schedule set up construct revive legalize ratify uphold allow approve pass establish fix bear give birth begin initiate start help save build keep confirm continue enact promote

Related English Telugu Meaning

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