accumulation meaning in telugu

Word: accumulation
 Meaning of accumulation in english - gathering or amassing

Meanings in telugu :

mēt ( మేట )

Synonyms of accumulation

aggregation pile inflation growth accretion quantity chunk accession aggrandizement addition gob increase store stock agglomeration collection enlargement augmentation heap multiplication stack conglomeration amassment build-up collecting hoarding intensification trove

Antonyms of accumulation

decrease shrinkage lessening loss reduction subtraction dispersal dispersion dissipation

Related English Telugu Meaning

accurateaccusationaccusative caseaccusative ofaccustomed toaccustomedace in the game of cardsaceacerbity of tasteacheachievementacid chutneyacidacidityacknowledgeacquaintanceacquainted withacquireacquiredacquirement
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