adequate meaning in telugu

Word: adequate
 Meaning of adequate in english - enough, able

Meanings in telugu :

sangatamu ( సంగతము )

Synonyms of adequate

satisfactory fair capable decent sufficient tolerable competent suitable acceptable equal all right comfortable commensurate passable requisite unexceptional unobjectionable

Antonyms of adequate

inadequate insufficient unacceptable unsatisfactory unsuitable incapable incompetent unable inappropriate intolerable useless inept poor inferior unequal unfit

Related English Telugu Meaning

adhere toadhering to ruleadj advadj beautifuladj endowed withadj eternaladj imperishableadj included inadj reverseadj sharpadj sixtyadj superioradj well-behavedadjadjacentadjectivesadjoiningadjurationadjustadministration of government
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