adhere to meaning in telugu

Word: adhere to
 Meaning of adhere to in english - comply, follow, keep, mind, obey, redeem, respect

Meanings in telugu :

antukonu ( అంటుకొను )

Synonyms of adhere to

satisfy quit acquiesce submit observe give in defer accord accede ditto perform yield fold fulfill discharge agree to cry uncle knuckle under play ball put out give up cave in come around conform to consent to fit in give out go along with go with the flow knuckle to play the game roll over and play dead shape up stay in line straighten up throw in towel toss it in yes one don't make waves don't rock the boat attend support adopt watch reflect imitate regard note emulate mimic match heed mirror harmonize cultivate copy abide by string along take after follow suit be consistent with be devoted to be guided by be in keeping be interested in do like give allegiance to hold fast keep abreast of keep an eye on live up to model on pattern oneself upon take as an example sanctify laud bless solemnize praise consecrate honor celebrate ritualize comply with notice mark behave listen do as told follow orders pay attention pay heed take heed execute accept embrace surrender carry out respond concur answer assent toe the line live by act upon be loyal to be ruled by bow to do as one says do what is expected do what one is told get in line give way play second fiddle take orders do one's bidding do one's duty rehabilitate restore compensate offset outweigh acquit balance countervail absolve redress defray counterbalance meet save reinstate counterpoise hold to keep the faith make amends make good make up for set off uphold appreciate value revere recognize venerate spare esteem reverence adore take into account be awed by be kind to defer to have good opinion of have high opinion look up to observe of set store by show consideration show courtesy

Antonyms of adhere to

dissuade disobey deny disallow disapprove refuse withhold condemn prevent ignore rebuff reject resist oppose fail neglect decline disregard release pass over shun slight precede avoid scorn misunderstand let go overlook differ fight disagree clash go before lead be original not get dishonor blame denounce reproach disperse hand over halt stop disrespect miss forget consume give give up abandon let happen protest dispute object dissent mutiny rebel leave ask question argue destroy damage convict sentence forfeit hurt lose

Related English Telugu Meaning

adhering to ruleadj advadj beautifuladj endowed withadj eternaladj imperishableadj included inadj reverseadj sharpadj sixtyadj superioradj well-behavedadjadjacentadjectivesadjoiningadjurationadjustadministration of governmentadministration ofmedicine
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