agitate meaning in telugu

Word: agitate
Meaning of agitate in english - shake physically, disturb, trouble someone

Meanings in telugu :

taruchu ( తరుచు )

Identical words :

As adjective :
agitated - vihvalamu ( విహ్వలము )
agitate with any passion - kalachu ( కలచు )
agitatedly - gizagiz ( గిగి )

Synonyms of agitate

churn beat toss rock convulse rouse stir concuss work up perturb excite alarm confuse distract inflame fluster incite disconcert move examine arouse debate craze discompose ventilate disquiet bug worry ferment dispute ruffle flurry spook discuss upset unhinge argue stimulate egg on turn on bug up burn up get to make flip psych

Antonyms of agitate

calm lull quiet soothe tranquilize not bother appease comfort pacify reassure organize explain discourage order clarify agree go along

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