agreeable meaning in telugu

Word: agreeable
Meaning of agreeable in english - pleasing, appropriate, in keeping, willing to be in unison, assent

Meanings in telugu :

sumukhamu ( సుముఖము )

Identical words :

agreeableness - hoyalu ( హొయలు )
agreeable excitement - pratyaahaaramu ( ప్రత్యాహారము )
agreeable to - smaartamu ( స్మార్తము )

Synonyms of agreeable

gratifying satisfying enjoyable acceptable delightful pleasant mild delicious dandy fair fine nice peachy pleasurable ready spiffy swell welcome hunky-dory pleasureful pussycat to one's liking to one's taste proper befitting compatible congruous consistent consonant congenial favorable sympathetic amenable grateful responsive acquiescent consenting approving complying concurring in accord

Antonyms of agreeable

unpleasant unacceptable horrible discordant distasteful hateful incompatible incongruous unsuitable repugnant unwilling disagreeable unenjoyable unhappy harsh mean nasty offensive unfriendly

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