anxiety meaning in telugu

Word: anxiety
 Meaning of anxiety in english - worry, tension

Meanings in telugu :

vyaasangamu ( వ్యాసంగము )

Synonyms of anxiety

nervousness restlessness apprehension suffering uncertainty disquiet unease misgiving mistrust angst jitters doubt uneasiness dread misery suspense trouble panic concern distress foreboding heebie-jeebies watchfulness fuss solicitude downer flap drag care disquietude botheration sweat goose bumps pins and needles all-overs shivers shakes jumps fidgets fretfulness willies creeps butterflies worriment ants in pants cold sweat

Antonyms of anxiety

calm calmness collectedness happiness joy advantage contentment composure nonchalance tranquility ease certainty security sureness peace confidence trust belief faith blessing peacefulness

Related English Telugu Meaning

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